News from the BBQ

There is a new favorite on the menu and grill. Flat iron is a detail that we are sure you will love with its hearty taste. We recommend ordering our new side of butter-boiled corn combined with one of our other popular sides. Fries, gratin, or a salad, the choice is entirely up to you. A warm welcome to Stockholm’s Steakhouse.

Be our Valentine

Celebrate love with an extraordinary experience at Griffins’ Steakhouse. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner with your partner, a cozy meal with friends, or just a dinner for two, you can be sure that Griffins’ will deliver a unique and memorable experience. If the evening is already planned with the kids, book a late lunch or early dinner and enjoy each other’s company over a delicious meal.

If you want to treat yourself to something extra special, we offer our popular Steak Frites as an exclusive lunch dish for only 245 SEK in honor of the day. Give yourself and someone you love a flavorful experience

Svensk gårdskyckling
À la Griffins’

A favourite on our menu is our Swedish farm-raised chicken. We fillet it on-site before confiting it for 5 hours and cooking it to perfection on the grill. From the bones, we create a flavorful chicken jus, which combined with generous amounts of butter and chimichurri, transforms an ordinarily simple dish into a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

Thursday wine

Wine Thursday at Griffins’ is a valued feature where you can take part in our incredible wine list containing something for all tastes. Enjoy selected wines by the glass from classic regions to exciting new areas for a more pleasant Thursday evening.

Large groups

At Griffins’ we love large parties and do everything to create a memorable evening. Whether it’s a kick off with the company or a birthday dinner with friends, we offer different solutions that suit your wishes. For the big party, we have Buren, here you can seat up to 40 people. Experience an extraordinary experience and dinner in a relaxed atmosphere where you take part in the dinner bustle while sitting separately to yourselves.


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Day Brunch

We are usually closed on Sundays, but on 28/5 we will keep the doors open for you and your mother. We set the tables all day for brunch. Of course you are welcome even if you don’t brunch with your mother. Have you tried our brunch before? It’s a selection of our classic dishes along with some unique brunch dishes, we also have an incredible dessert table.