griffins’Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about the menu and allergens?
Maybe about the venue or about the booking?
Don’t worry unnecessarily, we have collected the most frequently asked questions on this page,
so that you can easily find the answers to your questions.

Can I come and eat with you even though I have food allergies?

Yes, absolutely, we can customize as desired. Please inform us of allergies when booking.

I'm on a diet, do you have food that fits?

Yes, we can tailor something to fit.

Do you sell take-away food?

Yes, it is fine to come by and order take away on the spot or call in your order for collection.

What kind of food do you serve?

We are a steakhouse so we have a lot of meat, but we also have fish, seafood and nice vegetarian options.

Can I bring children to the restaurant? Do you have highchairs? Can I bring a stroller in?

Children are of course welcome to us. We can offer high chairs as well as bringing the pram to the table, at specific tables. Please email us at so that we have the opportunity to arrange this for you.

Do you take reservations for specific tables?

No, we do not promise specific tables, but it is perfectly possible to make requests.

We are a large group who want to come to your place to eat, is that all right?

Yes absolutely. If the party is 12 people or more, you can pre-order the food from our party menu.

Can I subscribe to all or parts of your restaurant?

Send the request to

Do I have to book a table with you or can I drop by spontaneously?

It’s fine to drop by spontaneously. We have a large and generous bar should tables not be avilable when you arrive. If you want to be sure of getting a table, we recommend that you make a reservation.

Do you have an age limit?

No, everyone is welcome.

Is the restaurant adapted for the disabled?

Yes, the room is adapted and we also have an adapted WC.

Where are your nearest, best parking options?

You can advantageously park in the T-centralen‘s upper car park.

Do you have a bar?

Yes, we have a large bar in the middle of the premises, where it is also possible to eat the entire menu.

I would like to cater food from you guys, does that work?

Yes absolutely, email your request to

I would like to bring my dog, can I do that?

Unfortunately, pets are allowed to stay at home when visiting us.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to come by and buy a gift card.

Do you have wifi network available for guests?Do you have wifi network available for guests?

Yes, ask your waiter for the password.

Can my company pay by invoice?

We do not invoice parties under 20 people. When paying by invoice, a fee of SEK 350 is added.

Do you have a dress code?

Whole and clean, come as you are.

What about forgotten items?

It’s fine to drop by or call if you’ve lost something with us.

I would like to surprise my company with a flower on the table, is that possible?

Yes absolutely, feel free to stop by before with the flower.

Are you looking for staff?

Yes, you are welcome to send your application via the Stureplansgruppen Jobs page. You can find it under the tab “about us”.

Do you have outdoor seating?

No, unfortunately we do not have outdoor seating.